Payroll Services

Pay all your full-time and part-time employees, contractors and vendors via direct deposit or check. We’ll manage all the filings, like W-2s and 1099s included in our ASO and PEO Payroll Models. You can even easily make one-off payments to one person or whole departments – like expense reimbursements, bonuses, and commissions.


Pay Employees and Vendors

Pay your hourly and salary employees easily using Ms. Mary’s payroll platform. Just fill out simple timecards and we’ll take care of the payroll. We’ll file the W2s at the end of the year too. Pay all your US-based contractors and vendors from one place. We’ll file all the tax paperwork, including 1099s, at the end of the year for you – and them.


ms mary payroll dashboard




Employee Portal

ms mary employee portal



Onboarding Employees

Onboarding a new employee is a critical opportunity to engage them with your team. The first few days of an employee’s transition into a new role requires assimilation into your company culture.

Ms. Mary’s onboarding experience provides clear messaging and expectations, including: New-hire forms; Employee orientation arrangements; Internal departmental notifications; Frequent outreach to your new hires.

Prevent audits and penalties from I-9 violations by allowing employees to complete and store I-9s records online through Ms. Mary’s employment verification system.


Applicant Tracking System

The Ms. Mary Employment Application is a simple, cost-effective, paperless employment application system that can be accessed from your website. The Employment Application utilizes the same interactive question and answer technology used to power the Ms.Mary based new hire onboarding service.

HR Tools

Consolidate your team management software by using Ms. Mary’s payroll. We’ve built several tools that will make supervising your team easy and will continue to build more. Manage time off, keep track of employee info, and safely store your docs all within our software. HR Support included when you need it.

Additional Services

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