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The marijuana industry is growing at a remarkably fast rate. Even though medical marijuana and recreational cannabis are not legal in all states, the industry is growing as fast as the smartphone industry, and producing more jobs because it is (sometimes quite literally) a home-grown industry.

But with such amazing growth comes a certain amount of chaos. It’s hard for people to find jobs in this industry, even though the jobs are out there. Likewise, employers in the marijuana industry are having trouble finding quality employees. Both will benefit from the intervention of a marijuana staffing agency that puts jobseekers and employers in touch with one another.

How a Marijuana Staffing Agency Helps Job Seekers

A marijuana staffing agency is a great help to people seeking jobs in the marijuana industry. There are lots of job boards out there that list jobs in the industry, but very little guidance in helping people find the right jobs in the industry. A marijuana staffing agency helps people find the jobs that really match their skill set.

This is especially important for people who are entering the marijuana industry, but aren’t looking for entry-level jobs. You have skills that many employers in the marijuana industry would benefit from, but you have to know how to represent those skills properly to get more than a cursory glance from potential employers.

Ms. Mary marijuana staffing agency offer resume writing services to help ensure your resume is properly formatted for the jobs you are seeking, and also can serve as a marijuana job placement agency.

How a Marijuana HR Agency Helps Employers

The rapid growth of the marijuana industry makes it both an exciting and potentially lucrative one to work in. However, it also leads to uncertainty, which can make staffing very difficult. Our marijuana HR agency can help you deal with uncertainty so your business maximizes its growth potential.

We offer staffing solutions that can help you keep your business staffed so you can meet the unprecedented demand for your business. We offer marijuana temp staffers to help you cope on a short-term basis, and temp-to-hire if you’re not sure your increased demand is temporary. We can also help you find the perfect candidate for hard-to-fill jobs with our placement service.

Among the challenges of running your new business is payroll. If you are having trouble handling the payroll of your business, our marijuana HR agency can take on those responsibilities for you to ensure that your employees are getting paid appropriately and on time, while taking care of all the taxes, benefits, and other headaches that come along with payroll.

A Professional Approach to a Growing Industry

For better or worse, marijuana is going mainstream, and along with that come great opportunities and challenges. Ms. Mary is a Marijuana staffing agency that can help you tackle the personnel challenges to ensure that your business has what it takes to compete in an increasingly difficult market.

To learn how we can help you as a job-seeker or as a business seeking personnel, please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today.