Contract to Hire Staffing

The marijuana industry is growing remarkably quickly. In fact, it is growing so fast that it’s hard to know whether the growth is being completely driven by demand, or whether there might be some overestimation of the demand for your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis. Sure, demand at your dispensary has spiked, creating an urgent need for immediate staff, but will that demand persist? Or will it fall off abruptly?

It’s in response to these uncertainties that a marijuana temp employment agency can come to your rescue. Contract to hire employees can give you the staff you need immediately, with the option to keep them permanently if you need them. If you are looking for contract to hire employees, please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today.

The Employees You Need Today

Marijuana temp employment agencies have the benefit of being able to supply you with the people you need for whatever job you need them for, and supply them today, when you need them. You don’t have to post an ad, sort resumes, and conduct interviews to get people to perform the vital work that will ensure profit and protect your license.

Qualified, Prescreened Employees

When you get contract to hire personnel from Ms. Mary Staffing, you can be sure that they are qualified for the job you need them to do. They will have appropriate experience, appropriate training, and appropriate licenses.

You can also trust that they have clean criminal records, have passed appropriate background checks, and are trustworthy individuals. We are as rigorous and thorough in our hiring procedures as you would be if you had world enough and time to run your own search. We stake our reputation on the quality of every contract to hire employee we place, and we value our reputation very highly.

A Trial Period

Working with marijuana temp employment agencies also gives you another benefit over running your own search: you get to try an employee out before you hire them.

We all know that sometimes an employee has all the right qualifications on paper, and may even seem great in an interview, but just doesn’t work out in your business. A contract to hire placement gives you the opportunity to see how well they work out in the office before you hire them.

Or maybe the problem is that you’re not sure you really have enough work for another employee. The medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industry is relatively new, and to a great extent none of us knows what to expect. A contract to hire employee gives you the opportunity to see how useful more staff really is to your operation and decide whether the hiring is justified.

More Options

Ms. Mary Staffing is a marijuana temp employment agency that offers a full range of options for you. If you know you just need short-term staff, we offer marijuana contract staffing. Or if you know you’re looking for a permanent hire, we offer direct placement staffing.

To learn how Ms. Mary Staffing can help you meet your personnel needs, please contact us today.