Direct Placement Staffing

Direct placement staffing offers many benefits for your marijuana business. It allows you to keep doing what you do best—whether that’s growing, selling, or delivering—and leave the difficult business of hiring to marijuana job placement agencies. The specialists are usually able to conduct a search faster than you could, and expertly apply scientific techniques to match the perfect employee with your job needs, managerial style, and corporate culture. And marijuana job placement agencies often take the risk of the new hire on themselves. With so much risk built into the cannabis industry, that in and of itself is a good reason to work with them.

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Leave Placement to the Experts

Unless you have a dedicated HR department (and sometimes even if you do), everyone in your business is occupied doing something other than hiring, including you. Taking people away from these responsibilities to perform a search for the perfect employee means they won’t be doing what they need to do for your business to function properly. Your entire organization will slow down.

And just because they’re good at what they do, it doesn’t mean they will be good at choosing someone else to do it, too, even if they’re choosing their assistant. They will often be inefficient, and may make a bad choice.

Direct placement staffing allows you to let someone else handle this difficult job so your employees can keep doing what they’re best at, which ultimately means more profit for you.

A Scientific Approach to Hiring

Marijuana job placement agencies are dedicated to hiring and placing employees. It’s what they do. It’s all they do.

Think about the level of science that goes into a grow operation, for example. Just the right nutrients. Just the right temperature. Just the right lights. All customized to the specific strain and balanced so that every plant receives the same treatment. It’s reproducible, orderly, and predictable.

Marijuana job placement agencies take an approach that’s just as scientific to finding the right employee for your business. This ensures that you will get an employee with the right training, the right skills, and even the right flavor for your business culture.

Don’t Take a Hiring Risk

When you’re doing hiring in-house, every step of the process is your responsibility. You have to do all the background checks, all the license checks, and everything else yourself. If you either don’t find the time to do it, or don’t do it thoroughly enough, you can put your business at risk. This is more than just hiring someone who doesn’t work out—hiring the wrong employee can lead to you losing your license.

Marijuana job placement agencies know what has to be done to ensure that an employee is truly qualified to fill a job position, and they often take the risk on themselves, protecting your investment.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of direct placement staffing, please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today.