Who is putting the real growth in the marijuana industry? The growers, that’s who, and marijuana grower jobs are among the hottest in the industry. Even entry-level grower jobs are often high-paying. The job offers challenges and variety, a good amount of autonomy and the ability to really make your mark. You have to be smart and talented, with knowledge and skills for getting the job done. It’s a high-stakes position with a lot depending on you getting the job done right, but if you can do it, the rewards are amazing, and not just in money!

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Benefits of Marijuana Grower Jobs

Of course, one of the biggest draws for marijuana grower jobs is that they tend to be high-paying. A marijuana grower is a skilled professional, and they are often well-compensated for their skills. Even if the initial salary is small, there are often opportunities for bonuses if you can consistently ensure high yields and good quality.

Another great benefit of marijuana grower jobs is that they’re not customer-facing. Many jobs in the marijuana industry demand that you have good customer skills and require that you deal with people on a daily basis. Marijuana growers have the opportunity to be alone with their thoughts and their plants for much of the time. This benefits a quiet, contemplative character.

Often, though, you will be expected to be part of or manage a team of growers and trimmers.

The rewards of surrounding yourself with green, growing life cannot be overestimated. For someone who loves being connected with nature, this can be a great job spiritually. Even though many operations are indoors, the connection with growing life persists.

Being a marijuana grower is also a very challenging career. Every day presents problems and demands solutions. It’s a dream job for anyone who loves riddles and puzzles. And because marijuana is a cash crop, there’s a lot riding on every harvest, which means that you have the additional excitement of having a lot riding on your solutions.

Qualifications for Marijuana Grower Jobs

Marijuana grower jobs aren’t easy, and that’s why they pay the big bucks. They require many skills, including:

  • Knowledge of growing techniques, including:
    • Germination
    • Cloning
    • Transplantation
    • Plant pests and other perils
    • Harvesting
  • Knowledge of growing technologies, such as lights, irrigation, fertilizer, and more
  • Knowledge of different strains and their unique growing demands
  • Ability to execute techniques consistently
  • Good documentation, inventory, and organization skills
  • Ability to keep to a tight schedule
  • Ability to innovate

Often, growers start as budtenders or trimmers and work their way up through their organization. Other times, growers may come with experience growing independently. Increasingly, growers are being recruited out of AG schools and horticulture programs. These people have a good general background in agricultural techniques, but haven’t learned poor methods and techniques as at-home growers or from unprofessional operations.

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