Looking to Hire / Staffing Solutions

The marijuana industry is blooming, and there’s a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to make a profit while making a difference. The problem is, in order to make it work, you need workers, and often good workers are hard to find, especially if you need them now. Our marijuana staffing solutions help you manage variable or increasing demand for employees when you don’t have the time to hire on your own. A cannabis staffing agency can also help you manage the uncertainty of hiring on the spot. We take time to screen potential employees so they’re reliably ready when you need them.

Whether you are looking for temporary workers, temp-to-hire, or direct placement options, we can help. Please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today to get the workers you need now.

Marijuana Staffing Solutions for Unpredictable Demand

Whether you’re in the medical marijuana or the recreational cannabis business, nobody’s been in this industry long enough to really understand the way this market works. As a result, it’s easy to get caught in a tight spot when it comes to your workforce. Your storefront may be surprisingly busy, and you need a new budtender on short notice. Maybe you’ve got a crop ready, but all your usual trimmers are occupied elsewhere. Maybe you’ve added a new pod to meet the needs of your patients and your grower can’t handle the excess.

It’s hard to know whether you need these new employees long-term, even if you know you need them now. That’s where our marijuana staffing solutions come in: we have qualified, reliable, and, as necessary, licensed employees ready to go to work for you now. Being short staffed means being short on revenue. Sometimes it may even lead to violations that put your license in jeopardy. And hiring someone hurriedly off the street can be as bad or worse.

Let our prescreened staff step in so you can hit all your targets, meet legal requirements, and keep your operation running smooth.

A Flexible Cannabis Staffing Agency

We know that this evolving industry is nothing if not exciting. It seems like every day there’s a new wrinkle, either from regulators or customers, and you need flexible solutions so you can keep your business agile. Our cannabis staffing agency is ready to help you meet your changing needs, even if you’re not entirely certain what it is you need.

Contract staffing is available for when you need people short-term. If, for example, you need trimmers for your harvest, or need help setting up a new grow pod, or a delivery person to cover for someone on leave. You can have them for as long as you need them, and let them go when you don’t.

Contract-to-hire staffing is one of the best solutions for managing uncertainty about your staffing needs. Our cannabis staffing agency can supply you with quality people that can help you during a time of heightened demand. If demand persists, or if you find you really like an employee, you can hire them permanently.

Direct placement staffing is for when you know you need someone, but don’t want to put your own resources into a search, or if you need a quality employee faster than you could manage a search on your own. We can even reduce the uncertainty of running your own search by giving you prescreened employees that meet your requirements and have already proven their character.

If you are looking to hire for your medical marijuana or recreational cannabis business, let our cannabis staffing agency find the right people for you. Please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today.