Payroll Services

As the owner of a marijuana business, you have plenty of things to keep you busy, and taking care of marijuana payroll is just one more thing that distracts your attention from taking care of your core business. And there’s another problem: trying to file required taxes with the IRS requires the use of a bank account you likely can’t obtain.

We offer payroll services for dispensaries that allow you to avoid the IRS’ 10% penalty for paying in cash, while making HR easier, faster, and more effective for you. To learn more about how our marijuana payroll services can help your business, please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today.

Marijuana Payroll Services Options

We offer two marijuana payroll services options: PEO services and self-service payroll. These solutions both allow you to handle your payroll options in a more convenient manner, but which is right for your business depends on how much you want to outsource and how much you want to keep in-house.

PEO Payroll Services for Dispensaries

A professional employer organization is an ideal solution for many marijuana businesses. It allows your business to create a co-employment situation in which you work together with the PEO to fulfill the required roles for an employer. You will continue to perform the daily management duties of your employee and your work site, including tracking of hours worked. The PEO will take care of roles that are harder for a cash-only marijuana business to handle, such as paying federal and state employer tax, managing workers’ compensation, handling unemployment insurance, and helping to ensure compliance with workplace rules and regulations.

Self-Service Payroll Services for Dispensaries

Self-service payroll is a more hands-on approach for your payroll. It still allows you to put all your information into an automated system that will calculate, track, and report on all aspects of your payroll. It allows you to handle payroll, tax deductions, tax filings, workers’ compensation insurance, and other aspects of payroll compliance quickly and easily with reduced risk of errors.

Free Marijuana Payroll Services Quote

Not sure which of these options is right for your business? We can talk to you about the benefits of each for your business, and give you a free quote on the cost of each option for you so that you can make an informed business decision.

Please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today to make this difficult part of running a marijuana business much easier.