Resume Services

Your resume is an essential tool to getting the job you want in the marijuana industry. Professional resume writing is a unique and tricky craft. However, few of us are taught how to write a resume, and almost none of us has the experience writing and rewriting resumes to determine what works and what doesn’t, especially when it comes to the emerging marijuana industry. After all, you generally only work on your own resume.

At our resume writing service, though, we work on many, many resumes. Our resume writers have professional training in writing the perfect resume. They have done it many times, and they have honed their craft by careful experience. They take pride in their work: and their work at our resume writing service is giving you the best possible chance of getting hired.

Trouble Tooting Your Own Horn?

One of the most common problems people face in writing their resume is being able to play up their achievements. We don’t like to boast or brag, and we tend to minimize some of the great things we’ve done. Or we may take our strengths for granted. We’re used to them, so they don’t seem special to us.

A resume writing service, though, has the perspective to see what really sets you apart, and it’s our job to make you sound special. It’s easy for us to talk about your achievements and qualifications for what they are, and we can give an honest assessment of your exceptional fitness for the job you are seeking.

Entry Level Professional Resume Writing

Entry level resume writing is its own challenge. You are coming in with little experience, but that doesn’t mean you have no experience. There is a particular trick to teasing the most value out of your limited experience to help you stand out. It’s also important to properly define your goals so that employers get a sense of your potential, even if it isn’t reflected in your experience.

With many people competing for desirable entry-level jobs in the marijuana industry, professional resume writing gives you an edge over your average candidate, even if that candidate has more actual experience than you do.

Intermediate Level Resume Writing Service

If you’ve been working for nearly ten years, you face a different set of challenges in writing your resume. First, you have to accurately assess your level of qualifications. This means giving a full and beneficial account of your duties at each position you have held (and there may be a lot of them!), but it also means being selective. Playing up the wrong experience can make you seem amateur. You have to know what really excites employers and catches their eye.

It’s also a challenge when you are switching industries, such as trying to get a job in the marijuana industry for the first time. You have to highlight the skills and experience that are transferable, and put them in terms that appeal to your new employer. And if it’s been a few years since you last worked on your resume, it’s important to redefine your job goals in a way that better reflects a mid-career shift. Our resume writing service can accomplish these tasks for you.

Executive Level Resume Writing Service

At the executive level, you’re facing off against a much higher caliber of candidates, and the challenges increase. You have to be selective about what you foreground, and the language must be very carefully chosen. You have to demonstrate that you are worthy of the salary you are asking for. Professional resume writing at this level often means writing and rewriting your resume for each application—it has to be targeted for each specific hiring committee.

Our resume writing service is capable of meeting the challenges necessary at this executive level, whether you are currently in the marijuana industry or hope to demonstrate your experience from another industry is transferable.

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