Self Service Payroll

Employee self-service payroll is becoming a popular option both among employers and employees because it offers better access to employment information and data. For employers it offers the benefit of helping to accurately calculate taxes and other requirements related to payroll. It is a way for employers to conveniently manage payroll using a single, simple interface.

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Self-Service Payroll Advantages

Self-service payroll is an economical option for marijuana businesses looking for a way to handle payroll responsibilities while keeping most HR responsibilities in-house. This system allows businesses to utilize our automated system for taking care of payroll processing and tax deductions and filings.

By automating all your payroll functions, you reduce the likelihood that something will be forgotten and reduce the likelihood of making serious errors that could cost your business money, and maybe even your license.

Real-time reporting on payroll activity and status can be easily accessed through our simple interface.

Our tax services also give you a one-stop application for dealing with all the important regulatory elements related to your payroll, including payroll tax, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and benefit administration.

You also get access to our recruitment and consulting services at a discounted rate.

Employee Self-Service Benefits

Our self-service payroll also provides a convenient access for your employees, allowing them to access information about their account and change basic information such as contact information and withholdings.

Is a Professional Employer Organization Better for You?

For some marijuana businesses, a professional employer organization (PEO) is a better option. Not only does it give you a legal way to pay your taxes without incurring the IRS’ 10% cash handling fee, but it manages all the regulatory and paperwork requirements related to your employees. You just manage your employees on a daily basis, and let the PEO take care of the rest. It ensures your employees can get regular paychecks, including a direct deposit option.

It will make your employees feel like regular employees, which can help you attract and retain some of the more qualified candidates. And speaking of qualified candidates, membership in the PEO gives you free recruiting services.

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