2015 Cannabis Cup Winners

The Cannabis Cup is for the marijuana industry what the Academy Awards are for film. This is where the biggest, boldest, baddest strains come out to strut their stuff, bedecked in all their trichomerous finery. This is also a place where budtenders and those looking for budtender jobs look to learn what are the best strains for their patients or customers.

Here are some of the winners from the Cannabis Cup Denver and who they’re appropriate for.

Best Sativa Flowers

Sativa plants give a high that tends to be more uplifting and energetic, less relaxing and more cerebral. Here are the strains that yielded the best sativa flowers this year.

Ghost Train Haze: Budtenders know that this strain is potent in its pain relief and appetite suppression, and that its depression-countering effects are great. It can help productivity as long as it’s not taken in too large a dose. But it can lead to heightened anxiety in some people.

Strawberry Cough: This sweet and uplifting strain is known for its berry flavor and ability to create a euphoric high. Budtenders often recommend this for the flavor, but it’s often good to help people get motivated and can also help with pain relief.

Green Crack: Famous for its tight bud structure, it’s not a surprise that this strain showed up in the top 3. Budtenders also know that this strain (in keeping with its name) is a really great motivator. And it really tastes good, too, with a sweet smoke that finishes with a strong citrus aftertaste.

Best Indica Flowers

Budtenders are likely to recommend indica plants for their sedative effects, and many people seek them out for nighttime or calming recreational use.

Granddaddy Purple: Taking its big beautiful bud structure from its Big Bud parent and its gorgeous purple coloration from Purple Urkle, budtenders also know this is a strain that balances relaxation and euphoria. It’s also commonly requested because of its strong pain relief qualities.

Kosher Kush: Budtenders often recommend this max relax strain for sleep problems, but it’s also great for anyone wanting to chill. It also tastes great, making it a popular choice for smokers who want to let their minds wander while their body stays firmly on the couch.

DaVinci OG: A relative newcomer on the scene, most budtenders won’t have a chance to work with this one—yet. But its popularity is expected to soar in the future as it gets better distributed. It’s unlikely that the rep of this highly hyped strain will be hurt at all by this victory.

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