Monthly Archives: April 2015

What are Dabs?


Dabs, in the simplest terms, are a processed form of marijuana where the THC concentration is much higher than in the flower form or even in traditional hash. Dabs are also known as wax, oil, or any of a dozen names based on the particular form the concentrate takes, such as honeycomb, shatter, or budder.

Is Marijuana Addictive?


Addiction is a complex phenomenon. It’s made up of both a physical addiction component and a psychological addiction component. Marijuana is addictive, but it has a different profile than many addictive drugs. It has a low degree of physical withdrawal symptoms, but a higher level of psychological ones. It tends to be less addictive than… Read more »

2015 Cannabis Cup Winners


The Cannabis Cup is for the marijuana industry what the Academy Awards are for film. This is where the biggest, boldest, baddest strains come out to strut their stuff, bedecked in all their trichomerous finery. This is also a place where budtenders and those looking for budtender jobs look to learn what are the best… Read more »