How to Find a Job in the Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, driving employment and investment. It’s a very appealing place to get involved, and what’s most exciting about it is that we are on the ground floor, the pioneers of a field that may have the ability to roll out across the country in a few years. If you get in now, the future could light up very nicely for you.

But how do you get marijuana jobs? There are a few different ways to go about it.

By Your Bootstraps

They say the Lord helps those who help themselves, so why not help yourself to a job in the marijuana industry with a startup company? Although licensing for dispensaries and retail shops is slow, there are many associated industries where there’s a lot of work to be done, including lights, grow media, infrastructure, security, and banking.

If you have a bright idea and can finance it, you could be sitting pretty soon with the job of your dreams.

Smarten Up

But not everyone is prepared to strike out on their own—that’s a big risk, if you can even find a way to get the money you’d need. Another way to get a job in the marijuana industry is to acquire knowledge or skill that is in high demand. Ms. Mary Staffing works with many of the leaders in the industry, and we can tell you what skills they’re looking for so you can make yourself into the candidate that these companies want to hire.

Make Your Case

Other times, the marijuana industry might need your skills desperately—they just don’t know it, yet. If you can make a strong case that the skills you gained in another industry or job will transfer favorably and lead to a better bottom line for an employer, you might find yourself snapped up quickly. This involves doing some heavy rewrites on your resume and being prepared to answer some tough questions.

Get in Line

Another way to try to get a job is to just go to places and put in resumes. Sure, you’ll be at the back of a long line of applicants, but they’ll have to get to you eventually, right? Right?

Wrong. The truth is that this approach is the least likely to work. At a bare minimum, you need to identify the best job opportunities for your skills and go after those. Even better is working with a marijuana staffing agency that can link you up with the right opportunity, if one comes along.

If you’re interested in a job in the marijuana industry, there is no time like now to act. Please contact Ms. Mary Staffing today


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