Is Marijuana Addictive?

Addiction is a complex phenomenon. It’s made up of both a physical addiction component and a psychological addiction component. Marijuana is addictive, but it has a different profile than many addictive drugs. It has a low degree of physical withdrawal symptoms, but a higher level of psychological ones. It tends to be less addictive than many drugs, but its effects can still be very dangerous if not properly dealt with.

Less Addictive Than Alcohol?

Some studies indicate that marijuana is one of the least addictive drugs around. Perhaps 9% of marijuana users will become addicted, compared to 16% of alcohol users, 17% of cocaine users, 23% of heroin users, and 32% of nicotine users.

Addiction risk also depends on the time of first exposure. People who encounter marijuana as children or teens are much more likely to get addicted. Those who are first exposed in their late 20s are very unlikely to get addicted.

Legal Aspects

Some say that marijuana is a lot more addictive than we think. That’s because when marijuana has been studied, it’s always been illegal, and therefore harder to get. This means that marijuana smokers may have to go longer between hits, as opposed to alcohol drinkers, who can always get another drink. Many fear that increasing accessibility to marijuana will lead to a corresponding increase in the number of people addicted to marijuana.

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