What to Know about Marijuana Legalization in Colorado

For better or for worse, Colorado has some of the most permissive marijuana legalization laws in the country. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering a pot-themed visit to Colorado or considering a marijuana job in the state.


Adults 21 or over are allowed to possess up to one ounce (1 oz.) THC, which includes not just marijuana itself, but other forms, including concentrate used in edibles. This makes the drug more accessible and flexible in Colorado than in other states.


Another difference between Colorado and its partner in not-crime is that in Colorado people are allowed to cultivate their own plans. A person can grow up to six plants at a time, in an enclosed, locked space, as long as only three are in the flowering stage.

Purchasing for Nonresidents

Although you are allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana if you’re 21 or over, people who are not residents of Colorado are only allowed to purchase it ¼ ounce at a time. This is intended to keep people from stocking up on marijuana for export.

Export Is Prohibited

As noted above, people are prohibited from exporting marijuana from Colorado. The borders are being checked closely, and mail is being screened thoroughly.

Consuming Marijuana

Possession is legal, as is consumption, but public consumption is not. Residents are allowed to use it in their homes, but it can be hard for people from out of state to find a good place to smoke, but if visitors look around, there are places where consumption is allowed.


Driving under the influence of marijuana is prohibited, just as it is for alcohol. The current legal limit for blood THC is 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood, but there are many people who don’t like this approach.

The good news is that the liberal marijuana laws have allowed the marijuana industry in Colorado to take off, creating many new job opportunities. If you are looking to take advantage of these opportunities, we can help. Please contact Ms. Mary Staffing and learn the benefits of working with a marijuana staffing agency.


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