What Types of Jobs Are Available in the Marijuana Industry

According to at least one company’s estimates, we could see as many as 200,000 marijuana industry jobs created in 2015. But what jobs will those be, and who can capitalize on this amazing growth in the industry.

Demand by Sector

When we look at the different sectors of the marijuana industry, it’s clear that the growth in jobs has not been uniform. Here’s how much growth the different sectors of the industry have seen:

  • Dispensary jobs: 90% growth
  • Medical jobs: 70% growth
  • Administrative jobs 65% growth
  • Sales jobs 56% growth

Jobs specifically related to the dispensary part of the industry, such as budtender jobs, have grown considerably, nearly doubling, and this growth is expected to continue for several years. It is surprising that medical marijuana jobs continue to grow at such a rapid pace, despite that sector being more established.

What Jobs Are Available?

When we look at the growth of jobs, we can break down all the different types of jobs available.

Marijuana Dispensary jobs are the leading growth sector for jobs, and include budtenders, trimmers, and growers.

Medical Cannabis jobs are the second leading growth sector and include trimmers and growers, but also a number of positions similar to a pharmacy. There are patient care specialists, doctor liaisons, but, unfortunately, no insurance specialists yet.

Administrative jobs are needed because marijuana businesses are businesses, after all. This includes jobs like accounting, HR, and other administrative positions.

Sales jobs can come in a variety of positions. They can be consumer sales, but often they’re going to be B2B sales as manufacturers of edibles and other products are trying to sell them to dispensaries. This also includes advertising positions, which are in good demand.

Medical marijuana jobs are available for people of many different skills. Whether you are looking for a job similar to what you have now, or something completely different, you can likely find it in the medical marijuana industry.

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