7 of the Hottest Jobs in the Marijuana Industry

What’s a hot job? Is it the sexiness, desirability of the position? Or is it demand or growth potential? We think it’s a little of both, so, with that in mind, here are the 7 hottest jobs in the marijuana industry.


Budtenders are the face of the marijuana industry. They are the people who interact with customers and patients on a daily basis. This job has a certain amount of glamor, because you get to be the one in the know about all the new products and strains. It’s rewarding because you can link a person in need with the exact product to meet that need. Every dispensary needs many budtenders, making this a high-growth position, and many people get promoted out of this job, so it’s a nice place to start at the bottom.


Growers are the ones who work with the plants, help them mature and deliver the promised yield. They face many challenges—every day is full of puzzles—but that keeps it exciting. They are also people with a good amount of authority and respect in the marijuana industry, but they also have a lot of responsibilities. It’s not your average 9-5 job, and that’s part of what makes it hot.


Trimmers cut the buds from the plant, separating the saleable portion from the compost. This is work that requires a deft hand and concentration, but it can also allow you to zone out for hours focused just on the beauty of weed and your role in perfecting it. It can be totally Zen, if you are into that, or you can jam out to tunes and collect a paycheck. This is not the most glamorous job, but for some people, it’s a dream come true.


In states where legal marijuana is taking off, marijuana tourism is touching down. There are many people looking to have a marijuana-themed vacation, and if you can put that together for them, they will be happy to pay. On the plus side (or the minus), you might never have to deal with marijuana directly, which might make you safer if the legal climate changes.

Edibles Chef

Somebody has to create all those tasty treats. This is a job that combines weed, creativity, and baking. It’s a wonderful, rewarding, and ever-changing opportunity. In many cases, you can strike off on your own, creating materials you market to many different dispensaries, or perhaps you will be associated with a particular bakery.


There are many current and future legal problems facing the marijuana industry. Most need lawyers, and there are relatively few lawyers qualified and willing to help out. That means there’s a huge demand, and when you combine that with the drama of the courtroom and the rate for billable hours, it’s a really lucrative position, too.


With this amazing growth industry, there are many, many people entering it who don’t know what they’re doing. If you know what they should do with their multimillion dollar investment, they’re prepared to pay you a substantial amount to tell them.

Honorable Mention: Accountant

This job really deserves to be on the list. Accountants and other administrative personnel top the list of positions in demand in the industry. On the other hand, though, accounting is accounting, and you’re still just counting money. So, it’s a toss-up.

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