The Difference between Recreational & Medicinal Marijuana

The difference between recreational and medicinal marijuana is not in the bud itself, it’s just in the laws that govern it and the way it’s used.

Defining the Difference

State laws that are trying to draw an artificial line between recreational and medicinal marijuana use typically use a few different mechanisms. The primary mechanism is the need for a prescription. Doctors are the gatekeepers in Western medicine, and that’s no different when it comes to medicinal marijuana. In states that allow only medicinal use, you need to have a prescription, or, at least, a diagnosis or other note from your doctor indicating that medicinal marijuana might be right for you.

In states allowing recreational use, the only real restriction on purchase is typically age. You usually have to be over age 21 to buy, but, other than that, anyone can buy.

Taxing the Difference

Having defined these two types of marijuana use, the government naturally steps in and taxes what it considers to be a nonessential behavior, recreational marijuana. Recreational marijuana purchases are typically hit with much higher taxes than medicinal purchases. As a result, many people still continue to use medicinal marijuana as a cover for recreational purposes

Selling the Difference

In setting up medical marijuana dispensaries or recreational marijuana stores, retailers have to apply for different licenses and meet different legal hurdles. From a marketing standpoint, they need to recognize the difference between the two types of customers. However, in Colorado, the laws are blurry, and recreational and medicinal shops are allowed to operate under the same roof. In other states, there has been more effort made to distinguish these two types of businesses and force them to operate separately.

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